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Influenctor Branding Guide

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the branding elements for Influenctor. It ensures consistency and coherence in all our communications, representing our identity and values across various platforms and media.

With the color palette, this guide reflects the new visual identity of Influenctor. This palette is designed to create a vibrant, dynamic brand image while maintaining the professional and innovative spirit of our agency.

Brand Overview:

  • Name: Influenctor
  • Tagline: “Where Data Meets Creativity”
  • Mission: To innovate the digital marketing landscape by integrating AI-driven strategies with creative storytelling.
  • Vision: To be at the forefront of marketing innovation, where AI enhances the human creativity in every strategy.


  • Primary Logo: The Influenctor logo combines a stylized brain icon, representing the left hemisphere, with our name. It should be used in most applications.
Influenctor logo Transparent
Influenctor Branding Guide 27
  • Alternate Logos: A simplified version of the logo can be used where space is limited.
  • Usage: The logo must not be altered or distorted in any way. Adequate space must surround the logo, ensuring it stands out.
  • Color Variations: Incorporate the new primary, secondary, and tertiary colors as appropriate.

Color Palette:

Influenctor Logo Colors


Imagery and Graphics

  • Style: Use high-quality images that combine technology and human elements, representing the blend of AI and creativity.
  • Consistency: Maintain consistent lighting, saturation, and framing for all imagery.
  • Color Usage: Use the new color palette to create vibrant, engaging imagery that aligns with the brand’s dynamic and innovative ethos.

Brand Voice and Messaging

  • Tone: Professional yet approachable, informative yet engaging.
  • Key Messages: Focus on innovation, data-driven strategies, and the integration of AI in marketing.
  • Language: Clear, concise, and jargon-free to ensure accessibility to a broad audience.
Influenctor BRAND IN CONTEXT 1

Digital and Print Media

  • Website: Apply the branding elements consistently, ensuring the website reflects the brand’s identity.
  • Social Media: Maintain visual and tonal consistency across platforms.
  • Print Materials: Ensure all print materials, like business cards and brochures, adhere to the color palette, typography, and logo guidelines.
  • Application of Branding Elements: Ensure that the updated color palette is consistently applied across all digital and print media.
Influenctor BRAND IN CONTEXT 2

Compliance and Usage

  • Internal Compliance: All Influenctor employees and departments must follow these internal and external communications guidelines.
  • External Usage: Partners and third parties should seek approval before using any branding elements.
Influenctor BRAND IN CONTEXT 3


The refreshed color palette brings a new energy to Influenctor, embodying our commitment to innovation and creativity. This guide ensures that our brand remains cohesive, recognizable, and reflective of our leading-edge approach in the digital marketing sphere.